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Performing Arts Center for Children

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Your child may choose to play the electric guitar, classical guitar or acoustic guitar based on his/hers preferences and age.

Guitar lessons are an excellent way to start playing and instrument and learning the fundamentals of music in general. Children are usually ready to play the guitar when they turn 6 or 6 years old. We offer a free introductory lessons that will enable us to see if the child is ready to take guitar lessons or should wait a little longer, while taking piano lessons or singing lessons.

The guitar is an incredibly attractive musical instrument, and is great for developing a deep understanding of music of music principles that can be also applied to other instruments and styles of music.  

Guitar lessons offer children an effective platform for ear training, rhythm, note reading and musicianship. Guitar techniques are focused on fine motor skills. However, due to the nature of the guitar, children can still begin to learn the guitar by using their gross motor skills. 

Sometimes a lack of fine motor skill development might be a somewhat frustrating aspect of learning an instrument for young children - so early guitar lessons may assist in eliminating this potential problem.

Learning the guitar is a great idea for parents who want their kids to get exposure to music and music education.  

Guitar lessons offer immediate results, so after one lesson or two you may find that you are able to play simple songs and melodies.

The guitar also gives a unique opportunity for musicians of other instruments, the ability to learn the foundations of music theory, and them to their main musical instrument.