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Performing Arts Center for Children

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Singing Lessons:

Our singing lessons emphasize the development of proper vocal techniques to protect your child’s voice, improve sound production and gain confidence for personal enjoyment or for performances in public.

Our voice lessons give students the opportunity to learn different breathing techniques, basic singing posture, and singing and vocal diction. We give special emphasis to basic stage etiquette, poise, and stage presence in fun atmosphere free of pressure.

All of our vocal instructors are highly trained and have extensive experience both as singers and as voice teachers. 

Private singing lessons are a great way for children to develop personal singing style, use multiple vocal techniques and get familiar with the art of singing. 

Children usually start voice lessons around the age of 4 or 5 years old. However, students under the age of 10 typically start their singing training in head voice and developing ear training ability. Children usually do not begin true vocal and breathing technique until their body is ready for highly professional and advanced singing lessons.

We highly recommend that singing students will take piano lessons as well. 

Learning the piano can help child singers in creating proper intonation and learning to read music at a faster rate. 

Most of our singing teachers are also highly skilled in as piano teachers, so students have the option take one-hour mixed piano and singing lessons.


Young children may also consider taking our very popular an option to take 30 or 45 minutes Piano & singing lessons.